Best Creative Photography Tips Using a Digital Camera

There are no definite rules in photography. In fact, it is another form of art where you are free to express yourself and your thoughts. But creative photography is a different thing. Creativity may be natural to you or you can acquire it through practice and patience. With today’s digital world the possibilities are endless. You just have to explore it to gain more knowledge and experience.

Get to know your camera. Being creative starts with knowing your resources, and studying them carefully in order for you to later on be able to bring out only the best. If you know very well the settings of your camera, you will know how to handle it and you will know which ones will work best for whichever thing it is that you are interested in. you can only take good pictures if you know how your camera works and if you master its settings. If you need to study the manual of the camera, then do it. Learn how to manipulate the flash, the zoom and the other light settings.

Be alert with your camera. Always make sure that your camera is with you. When you go to places, attend events, or even during your random everyday activities, you should always take with you your camera. Spur of the moment shots can be taken in places you don’t expect them to arise. You just have to be ready to take a shot anytime you see something interesting or whenever you find something worth clicking. Example, when you are traveling, along the way you will see a lot of beautiful sceneries. If you have your camera ready, you can take shots randomly while you are in transit. Or when you attend events, you can take stolen shots of your friends while they are having fun. Captured moments are the best.

Take advantage of the natural light. Light in photography is one of the most important aspects as it gives life to photos. Pictures would look more realistic, more natural, when you make use of natural light while it is there. You can even use natural light to experiment on your shots. You can play with the light to incorporate different styles in your photos.

Manipulate your subject if you can. Things can become more creative and interesting when they are unusual. So if you have selected something to be your subject but would like it to be more unique, you can do things to achieve what you want. You can set-up your subjects in such a way that pleases you. For example, you can set-up a photo shoot, if your subjects are persons you can give them instructions on what to do, or you can change or put something on the background. Know what would work best to result to creative photography.

Use Photoshop to tweak or enhance your photos. Sometimes the photos that you take need more enhancements. Although pictures look good when they are raw, if you are into photography you should also learn how Photoshop works so you can enhance your shots further if you need to. If example if you want to enhance the lighting, or if you want to improve the colors, sharpen, or blur, Photoshop can do the job.